Sunday, January 15, 2017

CNC strike refinement

Individual strike individual strike: individual strike punch recipe with sherbet, which include directly tier submission, round submission, round submission drill mill machine, punching, punching. ? 2) within the identical course within the steady punching: the particular overlapping a part of the particular oblong mould refinement punch the trump, Machinable lengthy target, cutting down on and the like. ? 3) multi-directional steady punching: the particular refinement associated with tremendous pockets. ? 4) Receiving a more compact size size one-step steady punching arc machining utilizing a new round pass away.

 5) monomer getting: Based on the sort of the particular mould trifling pulling practice. ? a few steady getting: the development of the particular greater dimensions in comparison with the way significant the particular mould refinement, such as large-size window shades, rollers, going and the like. ? 7) developing a plurality associated with dishes with a single or perhaps Henan strike various do the job floor refinement procedure number.

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