Friday, December 23, 2016

Standard for selection of high - speed punch plate

High-speed punch fixed plate selection criteria for high-speed precision punch in terms of punching machine is fixed every day than the essential accessories kangaroo punching psi, high-speed precision punch fixed plate is fixed punch mold plate parts. Fixed discharge plate is fixed in the die position on the unloading plate. The fixed stop pin (plate) is a retaining pin that is fixed in the mold.

 High-speed precision punch unloader is unloaded from the external surface of the punch die (order) pieces of non-plate-like parts or devices party punch with alcohol. Unloading plate is the material or work (order) from the punch on the fixed or removable plate-shaped parts punch vodka. Unloading plate is sometimes made with the guide plate integrated, and from the role of lead material, still known as the discharge plate. A discharge screw is a screw that is fixed to the relief stripper plate and serves to limit the rest position of the discharge stripper plate.

High-speed presses and precision punch of the integration

High-performance automatic precision punching technology in the punching industry has always occupied a special position. Unless the matching mold with the same level of excellent performance, even the best performance of automatic high-speed punch is also impossible to obtain the highest performance. High-speed precision punching the same reason, if the automatic punch can not achieve the desired performance punch line comedy club san francisco, even the world's best die can not play its due role. In making investment decisions, no one stamping company will be compromised in the quality of the product, and asked to achieve the highest level of productivity.

 In the investment decision-making, the need to better understand the development trend, not short-sighted, do not see the best symbiotic environment, and will unduly focus on short-term investment cost savings. Most European manufacturers, especially the German metal stamping industry very much appreciate this belief. Easy to forging press) the success of the company's sales is a good proof punch quilts, especially in the Yangtze River Delta region and its surrounding high degree of specialization in the development of mold manufacturing enterprises better illustrate this point. About this project Previously, the customer had to punch the parts specified in the processing contract on its four presses, working seven days a week for 24 hours a day to meet the production requirements of 350 million parts per year. The plant was still using non-forgeable presses) and Punch produced by non-Stepper companies. In the case of overtime, the plant's existing production equipment stamping speed of 400 times / min, and the use of Bruderer and Stepper companies combined production equipment, the ramping speed increased to 800 times / min. As a result of the use of two sets of equipment, so the production efficiency of its parts of not less than 1600 pieces / min. This is the effect of the rationalization effect. However, for the high-speed machine tool system standards, the company's deputy general manager of Mr. Wang clearly pointed out: 'Speed ​​does not mean everything, from the high standards of equipment and mold requirements to start.No doubt, the real situation should be : Only consider the whole process of high - speed stamping, three - shift work of continuous production, and a high degree of reliability in order to explain whether it is a perfect or special solution. Just look at the easy punching press.)
The company's punching machines, with its high rigidity design and rigorous level of accuracy, can understand why the system has such a high performance. The success here is based on the expertise of Taiwan and Japan. Where all the high-quality mold parts are designed and manufactured in-house. The mold product line can be divided into three main categories: starting from the PROTO series of molds (for the production of similar prototype drawing die, short delivery time), to MODULAR 1st generation modular mold (for small and medium-sized product line and complete sets Product line) to modular F1 SUPERTEC technology (for best-in-class mass production). Super Material In addition to the use of special ceramic materials, the term 'super-material' as used herein refers to a hard metal material which has been developed specifically for Stepper and has a very fine grain structure with a particle size of only 0.3 m ( Typically a hard metal particle size of 0.7 to 1 μm). Precisely because of the fine grain size of the hard metal punch university rawalakot azad kashmir, it provides the basis for the manufacture of molds with a stable blade, so that their products have a long service life and, of course, many other necessary factors. These factors include internally developed super-surface technology, which enables the product to be machined to have a surface roughness of Ra0.01μm with a tolerance of 1μm. Another example of the development of spray facilities, the coating surface hardness of up to 5000HV. F1 SUPERTEC features high precision and high productivity. This innovative project is a good example of the argument that the 'Made in China' molds are still profitable and can benefit the world over. In fact, the company also offers a variety of automatic punch debugging services, Mr. Zhao is not contradictory, he said: 'For us, on the one hand set up a stamping shop is very important, we can use these presses Testing, using our stamping dies, or developing new manufacturing processes. On the other hand, we also provide services to customers who have no experience or expertise in metal stamping and solve bottlenecks in production for those in need . '

High-speed presses and precision punch dual-core drive

High-speed presses and precision punch dual-core drive to promote stamping industrial transformation and upgrading Some people say punch quest online, do not know what is the high-speed punch punch quest, punch does not know what stuff! Know or do not know, do not matter, high-speed presses and precision presses have been quietly came to the side of our stamping industry. After the Spring Festival, driving through the bus station or train station, or even road junctions, you can see some of the company's eye-catching recruitment card, recruitment of a certain punch operator, and so on.

Carefully opened the history of China's modern industrial development, you will find, especially recently, China is more and more 'lack of people' the. In the stamping industry, because the traditional punch only depends on people's physical fitness and proficiency, depending on the person's own agility, efficiency and safety and other factors do not exist, so some enterprising entrepreneurs will turn their gaze High-speed presses and precision presses; the purpose of turning high-speed punch is simple, is to enhance efficiency and speed up production; the purpose of turning high-speed presses, not just efficiency, safety, product quality grade upgrade; Punch press like the dual-core industry, is or will change our stamping industry. And even some visionary mold manufacturers also walk in the forefront, the first to taste 'crab.' A die for many years in the stamping die boss told me that he did for so many years punch quest gameplay, he had always felt that the punch is no need to change, but he installed a new mold in a 200-ton two-axis precision punch, Just bought an apple. Because he said, no longer need to effort to adjust the big flywheel of the ... High-speed presses and precision punching presses seem to be dual-core punch press equipment, they are or will change the future of our stamping industry, but also bound to bring us more good feelings of life!