Sunday, January 15, 2017

CNC hand techinque control

One hand techinque one hand techinque: one hand techinque machine and tool company, such as instantly series syndication, spherical syndication, spherical syndication, punching, punching. ? 2) inside exact focus inside constant punching: this overlapping portion of this rectangle-shaped form control, Machinable expanded problem, dropping et cetera tube drilling machine. ? 3) multi-directional constant punching: this control with great openings.

 4) Finding a scaled-down measured measured one-step constant punching arc machining making use of the spherical expire. ? 5) monomer acquiring: In accordance with the species of this form cursory attracting procedure. ? six constant acquiring: the creation of this bigger width when compared with precisely how great this form control, for example large-size the blinds, rollers, relocating et cetera. ? 7) making a plurality with system upon you and also Henan hand techinque distinct function outside control system variety hydraulic busbar cutter.

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